6 Arrested in Junction City Drug Bust

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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Junction City police are sifting through mounds of garbage and stolen items at a drug house they busted Friday morning.

Police arrested six people for the sale and distribution of meth.

Police and neighbors tell us this has been a problem house in the past. From a drive-by shooting, to arguments in the streets and mounds of garbage, the community says it was only a matter of time before the people in the house were arrested.

“Finally today it all busted open. Seven o’clock it was a big bang and then all of a sudden flashing lights and everything like that,” said Mike Gue, who lives across the street.

Gue says it’s about time this house got busted by police. He’s lived across the street for over 30 years and says he’s seen it all.

“The fights, the cussing, screaming, all hours of the night, working on their cars at two and three in the morning,” Gue said.

Junction City Police Chief Mark Chase says with the help of the Lane County Sheriff’s Office they executed a search warrant at a house on the 1100 block of Juniper Street around 7 a.m. Friday.

“The department has been out here in the last two years over 50 times. Recently, the activity has increased. We’ve had a lot of you know people coming and going,” Chase said.

Officers arrested six people. So far, Troy Malpass has been charged with two counts of unauthorized possession of a controlled substance and the mother of children living in the house, Breanna Spaulding, has been charged with child neglect in the first degree.

“Gross conditions in this residence for children to be in. You know mice were running across the officers’ feet and then stopped. They weren’t even scared of people. Clothes everywhere, debris everywhere,” Chase said.

And now the police have the task of sifting through mounds of junk and garbage, some of which they say has already been identified as stolen items. Neighbors say they’re relieved that’s something is being done because a number of them have been afraid for their safety, so much that they didn’t go on camera.

“Before it was just you know the drugs, but right now lately the last time it was like a shooting,” said a neighbor.

“My wife and a lot of the neighbors are afraid that somebody’s going to shoot somebody and a stray bullet’s going to come over somewhere else,” Gue said.

Police say three children were taken into protective custody. They say a number of the people arrested have been in jail before, but because of capacity issues they were released.


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  1. Barb says:

    My question to the JC Police Dept is……If there were 50 visits to this home why weren’t those children taken on the first visit…..not the 51st. I’m sure nothing changed in the time between the first and last visit. The police officers who failed to take those children out sooner should have live there for the time it took to take those children out. Those children’s welfare was failed by police and neighbors for not making sure they were taken out of that hell hole a long time ago!!!

    1. Diana says:

      Instead of blaming JC police & neighbors (who do you think made most those calls) where was DHS, teachers, other family members? The “blame game” could go on & on but solve nothing. Most of them released already? The proof of a system that does not work! Our own police force calls this county the “Hug & Release” county, whats that tell you? I am not at all trying to argue but rather try and find a solution because right now it seems dim.

  2. Michele reniff says:

    It is shameful how children are treated as second class citizens of our society. There is a lot of chin music about children come first, but actions do not hold that as a true statement. I agree with you….why didn’t the police take the children during one of the earlier visits.

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