8 Men Arrested in Prostitution Sting

CORVALLIS, Ore.– Corvallis Police, Albany Police and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office set up an undercover operation Friday to catch customers of prostitution. The three agencies ended up arresting eight men after investigators posted an ad online offering prostitution services.

Officers say they received a number of calls. Within 10 hours, eight men showed up at a predetermined location after agreeing to pay undercover detectives money for sex.

The men arrested were Mustafa Al-Jadi, 38, of Corvallis; Jason Paul Beam, 39, of Monroe; Jiyang Wang, 21, of Corvallis; Christopher Allen Stevens, 28, of Corvallis; Anthony Benjamin Jimenez, 26, of Corvallis, Hizam Mubarak Alkhaldi, 22, of Corvallis; Michael Modrich, 51, of Junction City; and Abdullah Al-Yacoub, 21 of Corvallis.  Police are calling it a successful operation.

“It just kind of illustrates how frequently and how accepted in certain parts of the community this is…this kind of crime is going on all the time,” said Lt. Cord Wood.

Only six mugshots were available because police say Modrich and Al-Yacoub were cited and then released because of limited space available at the Benton County Jail.

Officers say this kind of operation has been done before to help curb prostitution.


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  1. Reis says:

    As a long time criminal investigator this sounds much like entrapment to me. If the cops hadn’t posted the invitation the johns would not have contacted them for sex. I have no sympathy for simps or pimps but I believe the cops are going too far in many ways today. One of them is entrapping and then prosecuting people who otherwise would not be engaged in unlawful activity. Some times this entrapment goes as far as having an undercover informant sell a man a shotgun which is 1 inch too short and then killing his son and wife while “enforcing the law.”

  2. Karla Golay says:

    May as well let all the others out too. Squeeze em for cash and then turn em loose.

    Flesh peddlers are ‘morals violators’, ‘sex trade’ offenders…

    Oregon lost it’s morality a long time ago….just as long as these ‘soiled doves’ are one second or more, 18 years old…then nobody cares…except maybe the heartbroken parents of a few of them.

    If you can find meth and heroin mixed in there (and you likely will) you might have something worth working on but if it’s just a bunch of prostitutes and you got nothing else……..why ?

    Waste of time…they’ll be right back at it….business as usual.

  3. Somebody says:

    Just awesome!

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