Pink At the Pro Rodeo

TOUGH ENOUGH TO WEAR PINKEUGENE, Ore. — This is the fourth year the Eugene Pro Rodeo is having its Tough Enough to Wear Pink event.

It raises money for Cascade Health Foundation and Diagnostic screening for breast cancer. The rodeo director and those participating in the rodeo say they hope to keep this tradition going and give people a purpose to wear pink.

“It’s important to pass this on to the community to let them know and keep it in the community and get as much help to avoid bad situations in the future,” said Frank Bocci, the rodeo director.

“I wear it just to be blessed everyday that I’ve not ever had to deal with it, but those guys that have had to deal with it, my hat’s off to them. Amazing people,” said Ryan Wilson, a bull fighter at the rodeo.

Last year the Tough Enough to Wear Pink campaign raised $8,000.

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