Skateboarder in Coma After Head Injury

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene skateboarder is in a coma after falling and hitting his head early Saturday morning. His family says a random stranger helped save his life.

Cary Bredfield says around 2:00 a.m. on July 5th he called his brother to ask how his 4th of July was, but his brother Micky didn’t answer an EMT did, who told him family should get to the hospital as soon as possible because Micky has a major head injury.

Bredfield said the family thinks Micky was either skating down the Fern Ridge bike path near Garfield or could have fallen from the street to the bike path down below.

Micky is currently in the intensive care unit at Riverbend where he’s in a medically induced coma. His family says they don’t know how much longer he’ll be in the hospital for. They said the person who found Micky and immediately called 911 saved his life.

“There was a lot of traffic at that time going through there, so again we would like to, as a family, thank the person that did find my brother,” said Bredfield.

They’re hoping to get in touch with that person to personally thank him for helping out a stranger in need. The family said they’re hoping to raise awareness that helmets save lives and hope other kids will strap on a helmet before getting on a skateboard to avoid injuries like this.

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