900-Pound Woman Gets New Lease on Life

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene woman is getting a new lease on life.

A tremendous community effort helped rescue a woman stuck in her own home in Eugene.

Sharon Hall-Dodson weighs about 900 pounds. Tuesday was the first time in two years she’s been outside her bedroom.

To make it happen, crews had to remove a big chunk of her bedroom wall. It’s a job that’s been in the works for the last six months to move her to her living room.

Sharon says she’ll now work on improving her health with proper equipment instead of being moved to an expensive skilled nursing facility.

“The crews and everybody have been so wonderful, and it’s made it a lot easier,” Hall-Dodson said.

“She wants to stay in a safe living environment and we made her home safe by all coming together in the community as a partnership,” said Sherry Nutter, Trillium Community Health Plan nurse care coordinator.

The move included multiple state agencies, contractors, even firefighters volunteering their time.

She will soon start physical therapy and hopefully walk again someday.


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  1. jason mark says:

    cut back on food.

  2. Carolyn Shawgo says:

    This brought tears to my eyes….thank you all for being so kind and helpful. A loving event that I am certain has touched so many hearts.

  3. Jane Smith says:

    A nursing home would be a more controlled environment than living in her home. I am betting it costs approximately $20,000 a month in state money to take care of her right now and it would be a whole lot less in a nursing home with a restricted diet and physical therapy.

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