9,000 Wake Up Without Power

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The lights were back on Wednesday night, for 9,000 residences. It’s not exactly clear what caused the glitch that left so many people in the dark.

“I woke up at six o’clock when my alarm went off and I was listening to the radio for a while and noticed that the power went out and wondered if it was just my house or not,” said Springfield resident Mike Dietlefsen.

Dietlefsen wasn’t alone. The Springfield Utility Board says it took just over an hour to get things back up and running. SUB says something managed to set off its protection system.

“If you envision an automobile with electric locks, a relay will activate a breaker that locks down the car to protect your valuables in a car. What we’re trying to do is protect the equipment in the substation to prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem,” said Jeff Nelson, SUB General Manager.

During the hour or so it took sub to get the lights back on, residents say they were unable to find any information on the SUB website or reach anyone over the phone.

“Oftentimes in a situation like this, where it’s a relatively short outage, by the time customers would be updated on the internet, the problem is likely to have been resolved,” Nelson said.

SUB says their phones often get busy with those very calls. They say folks should still leave a message and trust the situation is being addressed; something most residents seemed to.

“It’s kind of inconvenient for a minute, but you get over it,” Dietlefsen said.

While all the power was restored, the Springfield Utility Board is still looking into exactly what caused the protection system to go off.

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