911 Outage Caused by Faulty Battery

EUGENE, Ore, — Eugene Police says a faulty battery in the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) was to blame for a 9-1-1 outage Friday night.

The UPS provides a line of service between the power company to Central Lane Communications. EPD says an outage like this is very rare. It says it’s tweaking the system to minimize the chances of it happening again.

“Ironically, we were actually planning to get another redundant system in three months, so that’s still taking place, so this will be even less likely to occur in the future than it was and it was a rare occurrence to begin with,” said Melinda McLaughlin, Eugene Police Spokeswoman.

They do have a system in place that gives timely alerts if something like this happens again.

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  1. jason marks says:

    how oxymoronic..

    the uninterrupted supply got interrupted.

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