911 Tapes Released in Deadly Shooting

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EUGENE, Ore. — Police have released the 911 calls from the deadly officer-involved shooting which the District Attorney has ruled as ‘justified’.
The entire shooting incident unfolded in fewer than five minutes near the Churchill High School.

Officer Aaron Johns pulled the suspect over on a routine traffic stop on Bailey Hill Road. Officers say the suspect then ran into the Churchill H.S. parking lot and the officer gave chase.

Officer Johns then radioed to dispatch after getting in a fight with the suspect.

“214 – I’m holding one at taser point. I need someone to go to fire station 10 and secure my vehicle,” Officer Johns explained in the tape.

The tension was evident as John’s monitored 44 year-old Christopher Koziatek. He immediately alerted the high school about the situation.

“Station one to 214. Call my station inside. Put them on a modified lockdown,” said Officer Johns.

EPD says Officer Johns then shot his taser, but it didn’t work and the two men got into another fight. A woman who identified herself as a teacher to the dispatcher, then described what happened next.

“Alright, I am staying clear of the scene he’s still wrestling with the guy on the ground though,” the teacher said. “Um if you don’t need to be here please head inside… Ok well then you don’t need to be here.
I just heard a gunshot, I just heard a gunshot."

EPD says the gunshot jammed Officer Johns’ gun. The teacher stayed on the phone.

Teacher: “I need you to get out of here now, go away. Go away, I am not asking you twice.”

Dispatcher: “Do you have any idea if the officer shot at the suspect?”


Teacher: “Another shot fired. Shot* Shots fired.”

Dispatcher: K, stay away from the doors and windows.


Officer: Go now! Get inside!”

Those shots were the end of a deadly encounter between Officer Johns and Koziatek. While the calmness of the teacher astood out, it’s what Officer John’s did next that drew the focus of the EPD Investigation.

Teacher: “Alright I am now entering the building because I’ve been instructed to do so.”
Dispatcher: “Yeah I want you to… Are all the kids inside?”
Teacher: “I don’t see any students currently here.”
Officer: “Get [inside] now!”
Teacher: “I’m going I’m going!”
Dispatcher: “Is he yelling at you to get inside?”
Teacher: “Yes, he is.”

Neither Officer Johns nor any students were hurt. Officer Johns is expected to return to duty after the holidays.

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