95.3 The Score Switches to CBS Sports

EUGENE, Ore. — Nearly a week ago, Cumulus Media dropped ESPN programming and replaced it with CBS Sports Radio.

The change affected 67 stations nationwide, including 95.3 The Score.

Some fans aren’t happy about it. They flooded Cumulus with calls and e-mails complaining the new programming is sloppy and disappointing. But the station’s host says local programming from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is business as usual.

“The biggest differences are gonna be those morning programs, and overnights and weekends, which isn’t really the most popular time. I know there are people that drive all day and listen on the weekends, and it’s gonna be an adjustment,” said Justin Myers, 95.3 The Score Host.

Some fans say they were surprised and taken aback, since there was no warning about the switch. But Myers says it’s not typical to bring up a change like that in the industry.


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  1. Leisa says:

    I am sorry that this change was made. Not that my listening will effect you or your decision in any way… but my family and I will not be listening any longer to your new broadcasting.

  2. Dennis O'Hara says:

    Baring a few sportscasters, the new programing is terrible. Why was Dan Patrick missing on air today, 1-28-13.? Jim Rome is terrible. He sounds like a thug and at times relies on smut applications to bring interest to his program, He is the Geraldo of the sports field. Bring back ESPN. This CBS program is terrible, Besides all this I would recommend less baseball games of the Ems to fill time. It is boring radio. The Duck baseball program is enough.


  3. Mike brown says:

    Lost me as a listner, no more mike and mike in the morning. Jim Rome is terrible. No more Dan Patrick at noon. Can’t listen anymore Bring back espn

  4. Mike Hayden says:

    Bad decision. You say business as usual? What’s with all the dead air time? Did you lose sponsors by making this move? Rome is a joke. Cowherd is much more original. At least you still have Patrick. I haven’t heard Tannen in a couple of days. What gives? You lost this long time listener. Thanks for nothing.

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