96 Inmates Released from Lane County Jail

EUGENE, Ore. — For the third and final day, the Lane County Jail released inmates en masse. Thirty-two got out Thursday.

This brings the total to 96 inmates released within the past three days.

Three of the 32 inmates released Thursday are awaiting trial for lethal crimes.

Jason Manske was being held for a hit-and-run accident near Lane Community College that killed volunteer fire fighter Bryson Krissie. Aaron Curry was being held for allegedly murdering his roommate on a camping trip in May; and, Jeremy Henry was arrested after he allegedly drove drunk, causing a head-on collision that killed Tashina Carnes’ mother, Theresa Grondona.

“I called the lawyer and the DA and they’re the ones that told me, as I was on the phone with them, he was walking out of the doors,” Carnes said.

Henry was held at the Lane County Jail awaiting trial for manslaughter until Thursday morning when he became one of the 96 inmates released this week due to budget cuts. Now he’s out and ordered to wear an ankle bracelet, but Tashina says that’s not enough, especially since Henry is practically her neighbor.

“He lives less than a mile from my house. I feel scared for my family. I don’t feel comfortable,” Carnes said.

Henry’s trial is set for July 31, during which she and her family’s lawyer are asking for a minimum sentence of 10 years. But Carnes is worried between now and then, Henry will see his house arrest as an opportunity to run.

“If he knows he’s getting 10 years, what’s another year or two for cutting that bracelet off and running,” Carnes said.

She says the whole situation has shaken her faith in the justice system and has her worried, not only for herself, but for others.

“They lay off our cops and go let the inmates out. It’s going to be scary, not just for us, but for other families,” Carnes said.

Grondona’s family members say they plan to file restraining orders against Henry, and they’re hoping the justice system follows through at Henry’s trial.

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