9Wood Employees Carpool To Work

By Paris Jackson

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Cloudy skies and scattered showers didn’t seem to knock some 9Wood employees off of the Business Commute Challenge bandwagon.

“I walked to work. I live in a home that’s actually just seven blocks away,” said Architectural Sales Manager Michael Roemen.

In fact, many participants in Eugene and Springfield teamed up to get to work Tuesday.

“I carpooled today. I came in with my wife. She works on this same side of town, and then I’ll carpool back to northwest Eugene with a co-worker later today,” said 9Wood Project Coordinator Ben Pottorf.

It’s that sort of planning ahead that Pottorf doesn’t mind. 9Wood in Springfield rests parallel to a LTD bus line, a convenience employees like. Staff say it doesn’t hurt when you work for a company that provides bus passes and emergency rides.

“Having the different options for people to commute in different ways. You know we got the bike room, specifically for people, who know their bikes are going to be secure while they’re at work,” said Pottorf.

Just walking around 9Wood’s parking lot you see the empty spaces. Staff say there’s less cars on the property, a sign the challenge is catching on.

“I think there’s just a growing interest in our society for using alternative methods of transportation,” said Roemen.

When you live in the Eugene-Springfield area, it’s hard not to get involved in the growing movement.

“We’re known for having a lot of bike trails and having a great bus system, and having those opportunities and just using them is really important,” said Pottorf.

For more on the Business Commute Challenge, as well as, more ideas on how you can cut back on driving, click here.

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