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As the upper level flow becomes northwesterly we will begin a cool down to milder weather. Wednesday will begin with clouds for the coast and most inland areas. There will also be a good chance for morning drizzle along the coast. Afternoon brings sunshine and temperatures into the low 80′s inland and low 60′s for the coast. Thursday will be less cloudy and a tad warmer.

A weak front will sweep through Friday bringing increasing cloud cover and cooler temperatures. There will be a chance for showers in the Cascades and Cascade foothills as the front passes over the mountains.

Saturday and Sunday will warm and we’ll see more sunshine. There is a possibility of a summer rain Sunday night into Monday as a strong system appears on track to push through the Pacific Northwest.

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CHARLESTON, Ore. – Three people are dead after a shooting early Tuesday in Coos Bay, and just down the road in Charleston, news of the shooting spread fast. Those who live and work there, say there’s been a community effort to crack down on crime.

Locals say Bastendorff Beach is a major hang out for families, and it’s alarming that’s where the shooting took place. Charleston residents say they just hope police get to the bottom of the drive by shooting.

People in Charleston say they keep an eye on one another, and go to great lengths to keep the town safe with the Charleston Citizens Patrol. A member of the patrol says it’s been pretty quiet in the town over the last year and a half, but he says there’s been some trouble enforcing a 24-hour stay limit on Bastendorff Beach where the shooting took place. He also says there’s a definite need for more police presence. People say they hope this doesn’t discourage tourists from visiting, or cloud opinions of the close-knit town.

Charleston’s like a little jewel, you know you can come here and have a great time,” said J. D. Evanow. “It doesn’t cost you a whole lot of money you know, and we want people to know that they’re safe to come here and go camp and stuff you know, and roam around on the beaches.”

I would like to put out to people that this is something that doesn’t occur here,” said Kevin Oshaughnessy. “It can occur at any community, any place, and it does happen.”

The Charleston Citizens Patrol has a pretty good gauge of activity in their town, and they say the names of those involved don’t ring a bell.

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley called him “the most interesting guy in the world,” and now true freshman Ryan Nall may see playing time this season. Nall is a local boy coming out of Central Catholic High School in Portland and is one of the most versatile players for the Beavers. Nall can play running back, halfback and anywhere on special teams including returning the ball. Although Riley hasn’t made an official announcement yet, Nall says he doesn’t think he will redshirt this season.

Still0819_00001SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A security breach impacting millions of people across the country could affect some hospital patients in Springfield.

Community Health Systems said hackers stole patient names, social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers.

This affects McKenzie Willamette Medical Center patients who’ve received treatment in the last five years at the Heart Associations of Oregon, McKenzie Primary Care Associates, and Summit Surgical Specialists.

Community Health issued a statement saying, “We take very seriously the security and confidentiality of private patient information and we sincerely regret any concern or inconvenience to patients. Though we have no reason to believe that this data would ever be used, all affected patients are being notified by letter and offered free identity and theft protection.”

Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich:

Oregon Running Backs Coach Gary Campbell:

Still0819_00000EUGENE, Ore. — A section of Delta Highway will be closed Tuesday night for bridge construction.

Project developers with the city of Eugene said they have to shut down the highway to use cranes to install the support beams.

They’re expanding the bridge to get ready for increased traffic flows once the Riverwalk Apartment complex is complete. While project developers said it’s normal to reconstruct some areas when there’s a major development, work of this nature is pretty uncommon.

“We did have significant capacity issues here and a lot of traffic backups and that required adding turn lanes, and that required us going back over the bridge. So this is a little unique, but it’s not uncommon to have some traffic related mitigations for a specific development,” said Scott Gillespie, city of Eugene civil engineer.

The area that’ll be impacted by the closure, southbound Delta Highway from the Beltline to Goodpasture Island Road. The ramp from Eastbound Beltline to Southbound Delta Highway will be closed.

Westbound traffic on Delta will have to exit at Goodpasture Island Road and re-enter on the on-ramp. The on-ramp from Goodpasture to Delta Southbound will stay open.

The highway closes at 7:00 p.m. and will reopen at 6:00 a.m. Wednesday. Motorists should expect delays.

In a few months, the highway will be closed again at night to finish the bridge project. Developers said the project will be complete by November.

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Lane County commissioners are once again talking about a proposed multi-million dollar conference center and hotel in the Glenwood area.

The price tag on the project is nearly $43 million. Although financial discussions with Lane County has hit a snag, county commissioners say they’d still like to be a part of the project after talks are reorganized.

It’s a small part of the Eugene-Springfield community but the plans in Glenwood are big.

One proposal is the multimillion dollar, 150 room hotel and conference center on the riverfront. Like the river, talks early on about financing were flowing along smoothly but, recently hit a snag.

“We heard a number but yet, we never really saw that from a standpoint of ‘Here’s what we would like and this is the reasons why’ and didn’t really give much of a cost benefit analysis of why and what that money would serve,” said Lane County commissioner, Sid Leiken.

Although hard to speculate, Leiken says a more defined role for the county from the beginning and a more detailed plan from developers could have helped.

“I would say at least we would be moving in a point where we would be giving a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, and because of a lack of the detailed information, it was really hard for us to give that answer,” said Leiken.

Leiken says he, along with the financial partners behind the project, are in agreement. The project isn’t dead.

“Even from their perspective, they don’t necessarily view this as being put on hold. Instead, reorganized,” he said.

Leiken believes with talks being reorganized and the direction discussions are moving, there’s great potential to see the deal completed.

“If lane county can play a positive role in supporting their efforts and where it makes sense from our perspective, I think I would like to see us move forward on that but again, specifics will be important,” he said.

Leiken says Lane County would like to focus on the Glenwood area as a whole—helping with infrastructure, roads, parking, and leave that specific project in the hands of Springfield.

He says this could come before the board of commissioners again in October.

all that danceEUGENE, Ore. — It’s music to their ears for some dancers in Eugene. Dancers at the All That! Dance Company just found out they’ll be flying south in December.

About 30 dancers from the studio will dance as part of the half time entertainment at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. The studio director says everyone was pretty excited when they found out about the opportunity, especially since they’ll get to show off their skills on such a big stage.

“It’s nationally televised so there’ll be definitely lots of coverage of what’s going and a lot of excitement and energy for our dancers to be a part of,” said Sarah Beth Byrum, the director.

She says they plan to start holding fundraisers to help with trip expenses.

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ALBANY, Ore. — The family of 50-year-old Ronald Whitehead is mourning the loss of an uncle, nephew, son, brother, and friend – one year after the Lebanon man with cerebral palsy was assaulted – and the Linn County District Attorney’s Office is not ruling out further prosecution of the convicted attackers.

Last August, Whitehead was assaulted by two men who stole his bike. Trevin King, 18, and Jesse Jimenez, 20, have both since been convicted of assault in the second degree and robbery in the first degree. King, who took a plea deal, will serve 10 years in prison. Jimenez, who pleaded not guilty, was found guilty by a jury in May and will serve more than 13 years.

“While we mourn the loss of a very good man, we also celebrate his incredible life,” said Maria Wise-Toney, Whitehead’s niece.

Whitehead died early Sunday morning. Although it was a huge blow to his family members, they say they are at peace knowing he is no longer in pain.

“He was in a lot of pain in his final days,” Wise-Toney said. 

Although Wise-Toney is not able to say exactly how Whitehead died, the family says he had been in a 24-hour care facility since his assault, suffering from severe brain injuries. Wise-Toney says she does not know if his death is directly related to the assault.

Court records show that both Jimenez and King have appealed their convictions. The Linn County DA’s Office says it is in the process of reviewing “legal issues” to determine if it will prosecute the men for other charges related to homicide. Heidi Sternhagen, the prosecutor in the case, no longer works for the Linn County DA’s Office, so the office says it could take a while to fully review the case.

Meanwhile, Whitehead’s family members are remembering the man they called “Uncle Ronnie.”

“We have to focus on Ron and not them,” Wise-Toney said. “And make everything now about him, honoring him, and not the criminals and the crime that was committed against him.”

“We also celebrate an incredible life, and hope that it serves as an example to love unconditionally, selflessly; serve a greater cause than themselves. And treat every day as an adventure like Ronnie did.”

Wise-Toney says the family already feels it has justice and that it is now focusing on taking each day at a time to honor Whitehead.

“For those who ask what they can do to honor Ron, we have a simple request. Honor him by example. Of the way he lived his life so selflessly.”

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BASTENDORFF BEACH, Ore. — Three men are dead in what appears to be a murder-suicide in Coos County early Tuesday morning.

Multiple agencies were on scene Tuesday at the South Jetty Parking Lot of Bastendorff Beach, which was completely closed to the public for most of the day as investigators worked through the scene.

It was all a very scary awakening for a camper looking for a night of peace on the Oregon Coast.

Coos County resident Mark MacPherson says, “About ten minutes after one in the morning, I heard a couple of thuds at my van door and I thought somebody was throwing rocks at me or something.”

But what MacPherson heard wasn’t rocks.

“And all of a sudden, my rear window shattered inwards and I realized I was getting shot at,” says MacPherson.

MacPherson says he’s safe and sound now, but the fear was there.

“It was terrifying not knowing what was going on and why I was getting shot it. I didn’t know if was a personal attack or random. I was worried that other people might have gotten hit or that he was gonna turn around and finish me off,” says MacPherson.

But others weren’t so lucky. The Coos County Sheriff’s Office says two five vehicles in all were hit by bullets. Two men were found dead at the scene, 43-year-old David Hortman, a Michigan man who was about to spend a week vacationing on the coast after wrapping up a business trip, and the suspect, 34-year-old Dillard resident Zachary Brimhall.

Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier says, “After he fired those rounds, apparently, Mr. Brimhall shot and killed himself in his car.”

Police say inside the suspect’s car they found several guns and what appeared to be bomb-making materials. In an effort to locate Brimhall’s family, investigators say they found reason to believe he may have harmed his father, Raymond Brimhall. Raymond Brimhall was confirmed dead Tuesday afternoon. His body was found shot multiple times, outside his car, in a rural part of Coos County about 50 miles from the beach. Little is known about exactly what happened at both scenes and Frasier says the investigation is far from over as many questions still remain regarding the suspect’s mental and physical state of mind.

Frasier says, “So there’s that that we need to look at. Obviously drugs, we’re gonna need to run those tests on blood samples and what have you and toxicology reports. So, we’ve got several weeks of work ahead of us.”

Families of both the victims and suspect have been notified about what happened. Investigators are still looking into a motive behind the shootings.

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