8-27 Move Well Personal TrainingEUGENE, Ore. – There are more than 1,000 children in foster care in Lane County because of abuse or neglect by their parents.

Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA, provides a powerful voice for abused and neglected children in the county. Local trainer Gary Gonzalez with Move Well Personal Training has organized a fundraiser to help out a young 10-year-old girl involved with CASA get the back to school supplies she needs.

The girl has never had school supplies or clothing for back to school. She has rarely been to school and is excited to start.

The fundraiser is Saturday at 1369 West 6th Ave in Eugene. Gonzalez will offer one hour training sessions along with nutritional coaching. He’s asking for a $10 donation to take part in the session, but you are also welcome to drop off supplies as well as money.

“It is really good to know that it will be making a difference so these kids go through things that I can’t imagine and nobody unless I have been there really knows and so just to make a small difference can go a long ways,” said Gonzalez.

For more information click here or call Gonzalez at 541-653-1486.

extreme fire danger 2014ROSEBURG, Ore. — The Douglas Forest Protective Association has increased the fire danger to extreme on its protected lands. The increase in the fire danger level is due to the hot and dry weather conditions, along with the severity of the drought stricken vegetation throughout the county.

“With the current conditions, wildfires can easily start and quickly spread with the potential of becoming large and costly fires” said Kyle Reed, DFPA Fire Prevention Specialist.

DFPA’s regulated use closure remains in effect for the general public. Many large landowners have added additional restrictions or complete closures to their land holdings due to the fire danger.

With bow season opening Saturday, along with the holiday weekend, hunters and other forest users are advised to check with the landowners for the locations they plan to recreate on, before they head to the woods.

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Early Wednesday morning a 70-ton industrial charcoal dryer fell off a semi-truck blocking the westbound 126 off-ramp to 42nd Street.

The dryer is still secured to its trailer, no one was injured in the crash. It is roughly 50 feet long, 19 feet high and weighs nearly 69 tons. The turbine was in route to the Kingsford facility in Springfield from Kansas when the trailer rolled onto its side while exiting Highway 126.

Crews are working to remove the turbine with a specialized crane. ODOT says the ramp will likely be closed most of the day. There is a detour in place west to Mohawk Boulevard then back to 42nd street.


8-27 blurred buddy valentineYACHATS, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a man they say assaulted his roommate and then doused him in lighter fluid.

Deputies say the alleged victim, Herbert Purol, told them this happened as he and Buddy Valentine were in their home on the 95-thousand block of Highway 101 in Yachats. Purol said they were listening to music in the living room when Valentine attacked him.

Medics rushed to Purol to Peace Harbor. He was later taken to Riverbend Hospital for multiple injuries. His condition is unknown.

The 62-year-old Valentine has a number of aliases including Byron McArthur&  Byrom McArthur. There are several variations in the spelling of the names.

If you’ve seen Valentine (pictured right), call 911.

Police-Lights 2EUGENE, Ore. – Police need help finding a man they say violated his restraining order by not returning his four children to their mother.

EPD says the man, Torata Tanaka, may be taking the children out of country, maybe Canada or his native country of Japan.

The oldest child is 10 years old. The other three children are an 8-year-old male, a 6-year-old male and a 3-year-old female.

Tanaka’s believed to be driving a 2002 Acura MDX with Oregon license plate ZEJ-686. If you have any information about the Tanaka or the children, call 911.

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MULTNOMAH COUNTY, Ore. — The Seventh-day Adventist Church is under fire, facing a major lawsuit involving sexual abuse allegations.

Two men who grew up in Veneta filed a lawsuit in Multnomah County Circuit Court Tuesday claiming they were sexually abused by a youth leader and the church looked the other way.

The two alleged victims go by the names of D.M. and F.D.

They claim they were sexually abused by a youth leader, Leslie “Les” Bovee.

Bovee was a youth leader for the Pathfinder Club, a co-ed outdoors program much like Boy scouts.

From 1975 to 1979 they claim Bovee sexually abused them when the alleged victims were 10 and 11, forcibly raping one of the alleged victims.

Bovee was convicted for the sodomy of F.D.

Before being appointed as a youth leader, Bovee was convicted in 1970 for sexually abusing boys in the Roseburg area.

The plaintiffs’ attorney says the church knew about his prior convictions, ignored them and then didn’t believe the allegations when alleged victims came forward.

“Everybody is looking back and thinking oh we wished we would’ve seen the signs. People knew everything they needed to know about Les Bovee when he walked in the door. And all they had to do was exclude him and warn people that they shouldn’t let their children be around him,” said Peter Janci, O’Donnell Clark & Crew LLP.

Janci says the men are suing the World Headquarters of Seventh-day Adventist Church because they want to make a systematic change within the church.

One of the alleged victims is heavily involved in his Seventh-day Adventist Church school board and says he wants the culture of the church to change.

Bovee currently lives in Myrtle Creek and is not registered as a sex offender.

We did reach out to both the Junction City and Veneta Seventh-day Adventist churches, but they didn’t return our calls.

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Meteorologist Marisa Woloszyn’s Forecast Discussion:

Sunny skies will continue through Friday as high pressure is in control of our weather. High temperatures will be back into the mid 90s inland Wednesday and mid 60s along the coast. Thursday and Friday temperatures will be slightly cooler inland and in the mid 80s, while along the coast they’ll be in the mid 60s.

A couple of weak fronts will move through this weekend. We’ll have a few light showers possible both Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will be noticeably cooler and in the upper 70s and low 80s inland, mid 60s along the coast.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
~ Meteorologist Marisa Woloszyn

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Between the rolling hills and tall trees, Willamalane plans on building a trail system in the Thurston Hills. “The hills natural area is made up of 665 acres, three separate parcels that we were able to acquire. There’s a wide variety of landscapes from mature Douglas Fir forest to the Oak Savannah and other prairies that you can see behind me,” said Bob Keefer, Willamalane superintendent.

This comes after Willamalane bought nearly 700 acres of land in the Thurston Hills, something the parks and recreation department said it’s been working on for years. “I did my internship at Willamalane in 1976 and 1978 and I walked some of these hills as we were envisioning what would happen clear back then,” said Keefer.

Now as officials break ground to start the improvements on the land, local leaders said they’re excited to see Springfield putting itself on the map for outdoor recreation.

“Portland has the Forest Park, you know Eugene’s doing the Ridgeline how about Springfield? We can put ourselves on the map as one of the big three in the state of Oregon that within an urban area, an urban growth boundary have designated an incredible area for conservation and recreation,” said Rep. Peter DeFazio.

With lots of work ahead, including assessing the natural area and coming up with a master plan for the future of the hills, project leaders said they can’t help but be excited for the destination they think this land will become.

“It’s also an area that we’re gonna be able to preserve. This view, this beautiful landscape for generations to come here in Springfield when you come from the west heading east you’re going to see this. When you come from the east heading west, you’re going to see it. When you come from the north, south this is going to be at the center of Springfield,” said Keefer.

MONITOR - SIMPSONS MURALSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Simpsons mural continues to draw in fans one day after it was unveiled in Springfield.

People checking out the mural Tuesday say they believe it’s a great addition to the city and will draw people from all over to town.

They believe now that the piece of art has been officially unveiled and dedicated, it’s the responsibility of the residents and the city to protect it.

“I think people will be really protective of it no matter what. It’s a cool piece of history,” said Caitlin Azzari, a Eugene resident.

“I think it’s a shared responsibility and like iI said before, I think it’s a good way for the citizens of Springfield to step up and be a part of the community,” said Carrie Reed, a Springfield resident.

You’ll find the mural at 5th and Main on the west side of the Emerald Art Center.

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield couple is warning others about distracted driving, after they saw the devastation it can cause in a matter of seconds.

James and Judy Harris live on this quiet street in Springfield and for the last week, their house has been a popular stop.

“People have been stopping and taking pictures, backing up. We’ve got pedestrians, bicyclists,” said James Harris.

It’s not always like this at the Harris home, until 11 p.m. last Monday.

“We’re awoken by neighbors telling us our cars have been hit,” said James Harris.

“It was so loud that all the neighbors came out,” said Judy Harris.

They say a distracted driver coming down the street hit and totaled both of their cars.

“Aafter hitting the van, the van was pushed about a car length and a half through my car smashing the back side and just demolishing the vehicle,” said James Harris.

“It’s been such a shock. We’ve had these vehicles for 12 years and they were running great,” said Judy Harris.

12 years gone in seconds, which inspired them to take their loss and turn it into a safety message.

“After seeing people looking at the cars, slowing down and pointing at them, I thought I’d put the sign up just to put the message in the neighborhood, ‘Three seconds, 40 plus miles an hour and a distracted driver. Do not text and drive. The result of that was three totalled vehicles,’” said James Harris.

A message they hope captures the attention of all who’ve stopped to read the sign and the distracted driver who hit their cars.

“We’re not upset or mad. Like I said, it could’ve been anybody. We just hope this is a wake up call so that he knows just to be careful,” said Judy Harris.

“It’s such an important message to get out. Don’t drive distracted. You have to be focused on the road,” said James Harris.

James and Judy say the driver who hit their cars stayed at the scene until police arrived and was cooperative the whole time, even admitting he was driving distracted.

They say the driver was cited for careless driving. Police say distracted driving comes with a fine of $260 to $435.

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