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EUGENE, Ore. — The grand opening of a home that will help veterans get back on their feet happens on Thursday. It’s part of the Veterans’ Housing Project.

More than 75 volunteers donated their time, materials and labor to refurbish the home on 1320 Jefferson St. One group, the University of Oregon Student Veterans, built the home’s deck.

Lane County donated the home that was originally on the fairgrounds property. Volunteers moved it to Jefferson St. this spring. It’s the fifth house in the Veterans’ Housing Project and it will provide affordable housing for a veteran and his or her family for two years.

“During that period of time it’s an opportunity for them to get back on their feet, get re-established and connected in the community, and once they move out, go through the same process and find another veteran and his family to rent the house,” says Kathy Wilson with the VA Housing Project Steering Committee.

Since the program started two and a half years ago, it has helped four veterans and their families. The project received funding from a number of sources including the Home Depot Foundation, the Doyle and Donna Shepherd Foundation, the City of Eugene’s Renter Rehab Program and EWEB.

The selection committee will be interviewing candidates on Friday. The veteran that is selected will enjoy the two-bedroom one-bath home for $550 per month.

4-23 delta pondsEUGENE, Ore. — A crash ends with four people in the hospital and a car nearly into the Delta Ponds.

The wreck was just off Delta Highway near Goodpasture Loop.

Investigators aren’t sure exactly what happened but say two cars crashed. One ended up hitting the guard rail at the Goodpasture onramp and then flipped. It landed just feet from the water.

Police say while everyone went to the hospital, they don’t believe the injuries were life threatening.

Oregon State pitcher Ben Wetzler:

Oregon State outfielder Michael Conforto:

Oregon State pitcher Jace Fry:

Oregon State pitcher Andrew Moore:

Oregon assistant coach Mark Wasikowksi:

Oregon pitcher Jake Reed:

Oregon second baseman Aaron Payne:

Oregon pitcher Jeff Gold:

Oregon outfielder Tyler Baumgartner:

Oregon pitcher Darrell Hunter:

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Daily Forecast Discussion:  

Steady rain at times with a warm front bringing the next wave of rain across the region tonight. Breezy, especially at the coast overnight and lows sticking around 50 degrees. A few more soggy days are in store before we get a mini-break going into parts of the weekend.

The next two days will be fairly wet at the coast and inland valleys as back to back fronts will push through. Rainfall estimates are anywhere from 1-2″ in total at the coast and around an inch in the valleys. Closer to the passes, travelers will see some icy conditions with 1-2″ of new snow to deal with. Highs will also be well below normal, only topping out in the mid 50s each day.

By early Saturday, we might actually get about a 8 hour dry window as the next storm won’t arrive until Saturday evening. Sunday and isolated showers Monday but that should be the last of it for a few days and temperatures will be slowly rising back into the low 60s. In fact, indications are a nice quick warm up back into the low 70s by Tuesday and Wednesday! We’ll see if that trend continues.

Have a great Wednesday night!

- Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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ROSEBURG, Ore. — A Douglas County couple faces child neglect charges after hospital employees say they found drugs in their daughter’s system.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says deputies were called to the Mercy Medical Center late Tuesday night regarding a potential child abuse case.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office’s Public Information Officer Dwes Hutson says, “The staff there was dealing with a two-year-old female patient. She had been brought in by her parents because she wasn’t acting normally.”

Deputies say the parents are Michelle Burke and James Pohl. Deputies also say after running some blood tests, emergency room staff say they found methamphetamine in their daughter’s system. Deputies then went with the father to search the home on Rolling Hills Road, where they would find all the evidence they needed to put both parents behind bars.

Hutson says, “Deputies found paraphernalia that had methamphetamine residue and they ended up arresting the male at the residence and went back to the hospital and arrested the female.”

Neighbors say the news raises concerns.

“It scares me, especially since we’ve got two kids here and we try to have a good community to make sure we can let our kids go outside without having to worry about that kind of thing,” says neighbor Jordan Guthrie.

And the whole situation was tough for many to wrap their head around.

“I just don’t know what to say about it because it’s just so reckless you know to be doing drugs in the first place, but to have the paraphernalia and what not laying around your house so that a kid can access it. It’s crazy that a parent would do that,” says Hutson.

Guthrie says, “It’s difficult for me to understand, because that’s a pretty high price to pay for something so stupid.”

Both parents were arraigned Wednesday morning on charges of child neglect, endangering the welfare of a minor and unlawful possession of meth. Their next court date is to still to be determined. The Department of Human Services is now involved to ensure the safety of the child and two other children in the home.

WIND TURBINE KIDSEUGENE, Ore. — Three Eugene eighth graders are taking flight Thursday to compete in a nation-wide competition.

The students from Prairie Mountain School are headed to Washington DC to compete in the KidWind challenge.

They’re bringing along a scale model wind turbine that’s getting tested for how much energy it generates. The trip is funded by EWEB and officials from EWEB are just as excited as the students.

“I’m looking forward to the competition and just seeing all the tourism things that are there for me to do,” said Nathan Edwards, an eighth grader and member of the team.

“They are so excited and they don’t even know what they’re about to see so, I am very excited to hear about everything when they get back. It’s going to be life-changing for these kids,” said Cathy Bechen, EWEB grant coordinator.

The team beat 20 other teams at a district-wide KidWind competition earlier this year.


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CORVALLIS, Ore. – More than a dozen businesses and homes are without water, as Public Works crews continue to repair a broken water main that broke Tuesday afternoon.

Around 3 pm on Tuesday, the City of Corvallis Public Works Department responded to about 800,000 gallons of water flooding 5th St. near Harrison Blvd.

On Wednesday, city employees went door-to-door informing businesses and residents that their water will likely not be working until Thursday evening. Nineteen properties are without water on 5th St. between Monroe and Tyler Avenues.

“We are working as fast as we can to restore water service to them,” said Mary Steckel, the Public Works Director. “We really appreciate how wonderful everyone is cooperating. Their attitudes make it much easier for our crews to focus on fixing the issue as quickly as possible.”

Steckel says the 20-inch water pipe that burst was about 60 years old, but should have lasted at least 80-100 years.

“It wasn’t near the end of its useful life and therefore not expected to break,” she said. “We’ll do an investigation but we may never know what caused the break.”

Steckel says crews regularly do a leak detection process throughout town to make sure there are not any small leaks that could cause a large break such as the one on Tuesday.

“We identify those locations beforehand for the most part,” she said. “So we aren’t concerned about the rest of the system.”

Steckel says crews have fixed the break, but are now running tests to make sure the water meets state and federal standards, which can take up to 24 hours before results are available.

The city is providing bottled water and porta-potties for those who are without water.

Steckel says water throughout the rest of the city is safe to drink because the water system has been pressurized.

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EUGENE, Ore. — A special deal this summer for kids in the Eugene-Springfield area that lets them skate, swim and possibly bowl a strike, all for one price.

It’s called the 1Pass and anyone under the age of 18 can get one for $50. The pass gets kids on any LTD bus and into any Willamalane facility. That includes Camp Putt, Splash!, and the swim center.

Also partnering with LTD and Willamalane: The Eugene Emeralds, Skate World, the Springfield Museum, and Timber Bowl.

Organizers at LTD say the idea is to keep kids active and help them enjoy the different activities around town for an affordable price.

“We wanted people to be able to do it. We didn’t want to price people out. We wanted to make it a realistic price that people can hopefully take advantage of. We didn’t want to say ‘it’s overpriced for you and it doesn’t work for everybody’,” said Russ Arnold, marketing manager for LTD.

The passes are valid from May 26 to September 1.

The 1Pass is on sale right now at all Willamalane facilities or the LTD Eugene station customer service desk.

To see a full list of all things included with the pass, click here.


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Eugene, Ore. — Police are trying to find out who’s behind a string of drive-by dart attacks in West Eugene. So far, three people say they’ve been hit by 4-inch darts.

The attacks happened between April first, and the 17th. The first pedestrian was hit near Roosevelt and Foch, the second on 13th and Chambers, and the third on Roosevelt and Garfield.

Police say so far, victims have only reported feeling a small pain, but they want to stop the shooter before someone’s seriously hurt.

“They could harm them seriously by shooting them in the face, or causing some other event to happen, from the suddenness of the attack,” says Lt. Carolyn Mason with Eugene Police. “They could fall into traffic, they could fall off their bicycle. I mean, anything could happen. So, we just want to make sure that it stops.”

All three victims saw a dark SUV with tinted windows, leaving the scene. One victim described it as a dark maroon Jeep Cherokee type car, with stickers covering the back window, including a large, round black sticker in the center.

If you have any information about these attacks, you are asked to call Sgt. Kris Martes at 541-682-5182.


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