A Chance For Late Week T-Storms

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Nightly Forecast Discussion: 

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As the kids (most anyway) get ready to head back to school on Tuesday, typical early September weather will be the story: Morning clouds with most burning off by lunchtime. However, because we have an upper-level low spinning just off the coastline, the southerly jetstream will help develop late afternoon cumulus clouds by late afternoon. Highs will be close to average, near 80 for both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Later this week, mainly Wednesday night and Thursday, the mountains have a good chance of seeing some isolated, yet, strong thunderstorms. With the low providing lift, the jetstream sucking in moisture off the ocean, and some good daily sunshine, that’s a recipe for some widespread development late Wednesday and certainly most of the day Thursday. Any thunderstorm that gets going will carry threats of hail, gusty winds, heavy downpours and certainly frequent lightning. As the winds turn more to the SE, some cells may try to slide into the valleys late Thursday. Even if they don’t we’ll still see a good chance at passing showers on and off through most of the day into Friday morning.

By the weekend, high pressure moves back in as the low swings into Washington, putting Western Oregon under sunny skies by Saturday and highs jumping back up into the low to mid 80s.

Have a great Tuesday!

– Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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