A Few Hours Left Until Tax Deadline

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s coming down to the wire to file taxes; those who waited until the last minute are not alone.

Tax specialists say they’ve been swamped with phone calls and walk-ins all day, Monday. It’s been a mixed bag of stressed taxpayers and some who are taking the process in stride.

For those who’ve waited until the last minute are advised to see a professional. It will make the process easier and avoid confusion with online questions.

Taxpayers say they’re not feeling frantic even though they’re filing so late.

“Not stressed out. I’m not worried about nothing,” said Springfield resident┬áJim Reed.

“Not as stressful knowing that I’m coming here to do this. It is so easy once you come and do it. Everything is already in the computer,” said Eugene resident Pat Weaver.

Consultants say one of the biggest reasons people wait until the last minute to file is because they owe money. They warn a taxpayer’s biggest mistake is to not file at all. An extension can be filed, but taxpayers would be charged a failure-to-file fee.

The deadline to file is midnight Monday.

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