Looking Back to the Snowy March 21, 2012

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EUGENE, Ore. — Although western Oregon isn’t well known for having big snow storms, we’re no strangers to them either.

In fact, just this winter we had two significant winter storms with more than six inches of snow right here in Eugene, but those were winter storms, not spring storms and for us to see over half of a foot of snow on the second day of spring is a big deal.

If you were in western Oregon two years ago, you likely remember this day. The snow started falling in the morning and just didn’t let up. We ended up with seven and a half inches of snow that day in downtown Eugene with even more in the hills.

The snow was just the first problem. It wasn’t long before trees and power lines started to fall, leaving folks without power across western Oregon. Temperatures were back to the 50s two days later, but the cleanup had only just begun.

The year 2012 went down in the record books for multiple reasons, but most abnormal was this early spring snow storm. The entire month of March was also the fifth wettest month on record.

Flash forward to 2014, we’re experiencing the complete opposite. Spring is kicking off with above average temperatures and below average rainfall.

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