A Roller Coaster of a Week

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Three separate atmospheric features will keep us sunny and bring our temperatures to near 90 degrees today.  The jet stream is staying well to the north of us, keeping any storms from moving in from the west.  High pressure is just off shore and this will keep our winds out of the north, which generally means dry, clear weather for western Oregon. Last but not least is the thermal trough that is sliding west of the Cascades. This will shift our winds off-shore, force air to slide down the west side of the Cascades which will compress it and heat it up. With all these physics in place, most of the Valley and Umpqua Basin have a good shot at cracking into the 90s once again.

It’s not that unusual for us to be in the 90s this time of year. Our average high temperature is just 80, so it’s not normal, but our average last 90 degree day of the year isn’t until September 11th.  One other interesting note about our climate is that we have never recorded a 100 degree in Eugene after September 5th.

Saturday will be a transition day between this warmer weather and cooler weather as the jet stream heads south. We’ll stay mostly sunny with highs in the mid 80s.

A weak front is tracking to move into southwest Washington and northwest Oregon Monday.  Our temperatures will take a big dive as cooler air moves in from Alaska. Extra clouds are also likely and we could see some brief light rain early Monday morning. High temperatures will drop to the mid 70s Sunday, then low 7os Monday.

High pressure will return next week and it’ll be back to mostly sunny skies Tuesday and warmer weather for Wednesday and Thursday.

Have a great Weekend!
Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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