A Small Dog’s Big Bark Stops a Burglary

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene couple is calling their dog a hero after they said it chased away a home intruder. Jackie and Brian Williams said something just didn’t seem right when their small dog woke them up in the middle of the night.

“Olive started barking. She was in her bed sleeping too and she just started doing a little woof to get our attention,” said Williams.

Even though she’s just eleven pounds, her bark is bigger than her bite. “She just started barking and ran downstairs and ran out to the garage door and he followed her out and the door was open and the backdoor to our garage goes out into our backyard was open” said Williams.

The open door worried the Williams and they noticed Jackie’s purse was gone. Luckily, that was all that went missing. “I really feel that if she hadn’t either startled them away or alerted us to come out, I don’t think they made it further than the kitchen because we had our laptops out, his wallet was sitting out in the living room and all of the electronics. Everything else in our house wasn’t touched,” said Williams.

Which is why they’re thankful their small playful pup was there to protect her family. “They know when something is off or wrong, or somebody’s in you house that isn’t supposed to be and they’re here 24/7, she’s always here,” said Williams.

So as things return to normal in their household, they’re hoping to spread the word that a dog, no matter how big or small, sometimes outdoes an alarm system and is their favorite form of security.

“They bring so much joy and just love. I think they’re great for kids and great for adults and for safety, obviously,” said Williams.

She said police responded to the break-in within minutes, but haven’t found the suspect yet.

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  1. Brenda Johnson says:

    Rescue dogs are the best but this story reminds me of our burglary that happened a few months ago. Thanks to our video surveillance & some good luck the man was found & arrested. He is now serving 5 yrs for all the crimes he committed that night. I really urge people to get surveillance for your homes.

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