A Third of Released Inmates Return

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Nearly a third of the inmates who were released from the Lane County Jail a month ago have already made their way back in.

Sergeant Carrie Carver says the numbers are surprising. She says the sheriff’s office anticipated inmates coming back but not at such a high rate.

Seventeen inmates returned on new charges, and out of them, three returned twice. Fourteen were brought back in on warrants.

Amid some of the worst new charges, one involves an inmate attacking a victim and robbing him on two separate occasions. Another involves an inmate breaking into the home of someone with a restraining order against the inmate. That happened just a week after the release.

“I can’t imagine the frustration they must be feeling, the fear that some of these victims are feeling, the invasion of privacy, the feeling of helplessness. That’s got to be horrible,” Carver said.

Carver says the sheriff’s office continues to examine funding options, and she says neighborhood watch groups are standing strong. With only 152 jail beds, she expects more of those 96 inmates to be brought back because she says the risk of harsh penalties for their crimes are now pretty low.

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