AAA Predicts Labor Day Travel Increase

EUGENE, Ore. — AAA says travelers could set a post-recession record this Labor Day holiday weekend.

Compared to 2011, AAA expects that Labor Day travels will increase by 2.9 percent throughout the country.

In our Pacific region, local analysts think Labor Day travel will increase by 3.2 percent–that’s the highest travel volume expected since 2008.

AAA says around 33 million travelers–10.5 percent of Americans–will take a trip at least 50 miles from home.

“In a way there’s a family connection to labor day so I think maybe that’s motivation,” said Elizabeth Lair.

“I’ve noticed this year a lot of our friends are starting to travel more,” said Candi Starkey.

“People have become more accustomed to living within their budget, within their means, so I think they’re able to put more money aside for traveling a bit more,” said Richard Starkey.

AAA says this is the third increase in holiday travel this year. Its analysts found most people will drive. It also expects the number of air travelers will be up while airfares decrease, and that when the holiday falls earlier in September, more people travel.

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