AAA Says E15 Gas Might Damage Older Cars

(CNN) — The Automobile Association of America says the new E15 gasoline could be bad for some cars and will confuse customers.

If you haven’t heard of E15–and AAA says 95 percent of people it surveyed have not–it’s a new type of gas blend. E15 contains up to 15 percent ethanol.

The motoring corporation says automakers have approved fewer than 5 percent of vehicles to use it.

AAA says sustained use could damage both older and newer vehicles by accelerating engine wear, which could void warranties.

The Environmental Protection Agency approved E15’s sale in June, but AAA wants the sales stopped until regulators can do a better job educating the public.


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  1. Robert Jacobs says:

    The powers that be don’t give two blanks about the public! If they did we wouldn’t sending our boys and girls to fight in wars that has no purpose except for the ego’s and arrogance of those in the White House and in Congress!

    This country is a freaking mess, and its because of a few individuals who have the power to do so! No one gives two blanks about their neighbor, or the guy who lost his job and is on the street.

    We are a nation so far from God its pathetic!

    When our forefathers drafted our bill or rights and the Constitution they were godly men. Were the perfect and without sin, absolutely not! But they followed God’s word. Which is why we have a Constitution we have. Although the courts, the White House and Members of Congress ignore that very Constitution!

    We will all give an account, weather you believe or not… Some people are in a for a nasty awakening! I would members of the lame stream media are some of the front runners to be sure!

    All I can say is good luck….

  2. jason marks says:

    I didn’t catch how your rant had anything to do with E15

  3. Lindsay Wheatley says:

    So how bad is E15 gas actually? The article just says AAA sates it “could” be bad for cars. How are they measuring damage to the engine, what actually constitutes damage, and over what period of time are we talking about? And also, how widely avialable is the new type of gas? Are we all pumping it in without knowing? This article left me with way too many unanswered questions…

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