AAA Top Cars for Teens

EUGENE, Ore. — If your teen is about to start driving and you’re wondering what kind of car to set him or her up in, AAA has a few ideas.

The travel agency says while most parents worry about safety, reliability and cost, their kids are more interested in speed and style.

The teens we talked to said the cars on the list were fine–in fact, any car would be fine.

“I think most students are just looking for any car really. They want to be able to have their independence by driving, and if that means going with a cheaper car, even if it’s not as snazzy, I think they’ll go with that,” said high school student Bethy Millard.

AAA Top Cars for Teens:
Volkswagon Golf
Ford Focus & Fusion
Honda Civic
Hyundai Sonata
Kia Sportage

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