AARP Wants Silver Alert Program


EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association are asking lawmakers to create a Silver Alert program in Oregon.

Modeled after Amber Alert systems for missing children, Silver Alert systems enable authorities to notify the public when a vulnerable adult goes missing.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, about three in five people with Alzheimer’s will wander at least once.

More than 40 states have a Silver Alert system in place.

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  1. Jon Bartholomew says:

    FYI, this proposal has taken some turns since the AARP story was written. In discussions with stakeholders, this has become something that doesn’t create a full-blown alert system like Amber Alert, but instead requires all police and sheriff departments in Oregon to have a policy on what they do in wandering cases. Part of this policy should address the issue of how to use the media to alert the public in the event the police need the public’s help, so that part is similar to Silver Alert. But the current proposal with allow for flexibility and discretion on the part of each local jurisdiction, while establishing what the policy should address.

    There will be a hearing on this proposal this coming Wednesday in Salem.

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