Abandoned House Fire Cause Unknown

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Crews continue to investigate a mysterious fire that engulfed an abandoned house in Springfield Thursday morning.

Fire officials are still trying to piece together how the fire started off 42nd and Jasper Road, and neighbors are doing the same.

Neighbors say it’s been vacant for more than year, since the original owner moved out. But it hasn’t been entirely empty. They say transients have been squatting in the home for some time, and neighbors think they could be responsible for starting the fire.

“There have been many, many homeless people in there. A lot of stuff has been carried out of there by people who don’t belong there,” said one neighbor.

Fire crews say no one was in the house when they arrived and no one was injured.

Other than neighbors’ suspicions, though, no other causes have been confirmed at this time. Fire marshals did not get back to KEZI 9 News Thursday.

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