Accidental Death Near Crescent Lake

Police-LightsNEAR CRESCENT LAKE, Ore. — The Oregon State Police (OSP) is completing an investigation into the accidental death of a 72-year old Crescent Lake-area man Thursday evening while trying to cut down a tree on his property.

An investigation by OSP troopers and the Chemult Rural Fire Protection District indicated that Eugene Frank Andrews, 72, was attempting to cut down a tree about 1 foot in diameter when it fell, striking him in the head. Andrews had tied a rope to the tree and was putting tension on it with an ATV. He was about twenty feet away from the tree’s base when it fell and struck him.

The time of death hasn’t been confirmed. His wife, who found him and reported the incident, had just returned to the property from out of town. Friends and neighbors contacted by OSP said they last saw him on Wednesday about noon.

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