Accidents Strike South Hills

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EUGENE, Ore. — For those who live in the South Hills of Eugene, the early-morning commute was a bit of a challenge.

Eugene Police say they dealt with at least a half a dozen accidents. Up at the intersection of Timberline and Warren, a car slid into a parked car, knocking it off an embankment where it crashed 20 feet down.

In another report, an SUV rolled onto its side near 40th and Donald. That was a spot that officers say proved especially trying for drivers. No one was injured in any of the wrecks.

Drivers say some of the worst areas in south Eugene are near Hilyard and Willamette. There tends to be a lot of stop-and-go and drivers who aren’t sure how to navigate in the snow.

“(It’s) a little dangerous because of the hills, you know. Drive according to the conditions of the road, that’s all. It’s simple you know. Most cars have a front-wheel drive anyway, so it’s a lot easier to drive than those big clunkers,” said South Hills resident Mark Dennis.

Still, Eugene Police say if you don’t need to drive, just cozy up at home and enjoy the spectacular view.

Although calls died down a bit after the morning, EPD says if you’re trekking around in the South Hills, they say go slow, leave distance, drive defensively and cautious. Remember, even if you have four-wheel drive, it doesn’t mean you’re immune from slipping and sliding around.

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