Accused Sex Offender Released

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — An accused sex offender is being released from the Lane County Jail, a decision that has neighbors upset.

The jail will release Albert Golden, who police say sexually abused three children. His release is meant to save the taxpayers’ money.

“It’s a shame is what it is,” said a previous neighbor of Golden.

Neighbors of Golden are in disbelief that he will be let go and has one neighbor speaking out about the decision.

“Do something else with him, don’t put him back in my neighborhood. Have him go live next to the district attorney that turned him out,” the neighbor said.

The decision to let Golden out was based on relieving taxpayers from paying Golden’s high medical bills.

The Lane County District Attorney’s Office was unavailable to comment, but has previously stated that Golden was in poor health while in jail.

“I shouldn’t have to pay for him in jail with tax money, neither should anybody else, but don’t put him back in my neighborhood,” the neighbor said.

Golden will be placed on probation and kept away from children.

Lane County deputies say that Golden is too weak pose a threat to anyone. But for his neighbors, the possibility of him moving back into his home off Centennial Boulevard is worrisome.

“I know he’s old, decrepit, but he did it once, who’s to say he won’t do it again,” the neighbor said.


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  1. Postone says:

    If these neighbors would get together and pay for this guys medical bills I bet the Jail would take him back! That is if these good people (neighbors) are really serious about public safety.

    I’m thinking these fine citizens and neighbors won’t pay….

    And by the way, these are the same fine citizens and neighbors who drive their vehicles (4 to 8 thousand pounds) and SUV’s at breakneck speeds on their own city blocks with their children in their cars and while other children are playing on those same streets. And don’t try to deny it, I live on one of those blocks and watch it every day!

    The rules are for everyone except for me and my family! I can do as I please…

    Find a hobby you hypocrites….

    1. jeff glassmyer says:

      hes not guilty hes my friend

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