Acorn Park Neighbors Help Build Sidewalk

EUGENE, Ore. — A group of Eugene residents teamed up Saturday to make their neighborhood a safer place.

Neighbors said the area around Acorn Park is lacking in safe pedestrian walkways, so they’re hoping that Saturday’s project is just the beginning of many working to change that.

Event organizers said that while this road is listed for sidewalk infill in the recent bicycle master plan, there’s actually no funding for it.

But residents haven’t let that fact stop them. They were able to get a materials grant from the city, and with over a hundred volunteer hours, this hope will soon be a reality.

“We thought this would be a good place to start to show the city what the neighbors could do to bring the costs down. Bringing the costs down is what this is. This is a demonstration project,” said Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee member Tom Schneider.

The cement will be poured on Tuesday.

So, soon young children won’t be forced to wait for their school bus in the roadway anymore.

Project organizers said they hope they’ll be able to complete more work soon.

With some redevelopment in the area, including potential plans for an EmX station, there are still growing concerns for pedestrian safety.

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