Activists Hold Tax Day Rally

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EUGENE, Ore. — Some local activists are giving their two cents on this tax day about tax dollars being spent on war.

The group protested outside the post office in downtown Eugene to spread the word.

Tuesday afternoon, dozens of peace activists gathered to let people know where their tax dollars are being spent.

Event organizers say more than half of the money Americans pay in federal tax goes to military spending.

On one of the tables at the event, organizers lined up jars where each passerby was asked to put pennies into the areas where they’d like to see their tax dollars spent. They included military spending, human services, the environment and infrastructure.

“We want it to be spent for issues that like shelter for the homeless, like medical care for everyone,” said local peace activist Peg Morton.

“We need jobs at home building bridges, not drones flying to foreign lands killing people by remote control,” said Shelley Pineo-Jensen, Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network Chair.

During the rally, a local choir called the Raging Grannies sang songs about where they’d like their tax dollars to go.

Organizers say they’ve been protesting on tax day since the 1960s because they hope to spread their message to a lot of people filing their taxes at the last minute.

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