Activists Protest Alleged Cat Abuser

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The woman who allegedly tossed two Persian cats into the Willamette River one week ago, Springfield resident Betty Gould, was released from the Lane County Jail Friday night. Someone posted her bail, which was brought down from $4,500 to $1,500.

On Saturday, protesters stood outside her Springfield Salon, Hair by Betty, holding signs. They say they hope the nearly 60 cats currently in her home will be taken away from her.

The group says it will create a Facebook page regarding other action they plan to take. Betty Gould was in her shop but did not want to speak with us.

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  1. cares says:

    Why was her bail lowered? Is anyone monitoring the cats she has — if not, how do we know she won’t take some of them out and dump them like garbage? Many thanks to the police officers who rescued the cats. But how tragic it took this to get interest in this situation — apparantly she has been on the radar of those who care about animals for a long time, but nothing was ever done.

    The cats should be taken from her, she never have another animal. Obviously, she cannot be trusted with them.

    And Springfield needs to step up to the plate and create a Springfiled Humane Society and have a shelter and animal control FOR CATS. As the second-largest city in Lane County, it is disgraceful they have nothing, and on their animal control phone message line, they say they do nothing for cats.

    All Springfield residents have a say in this – go to your city council meetings. Or meet yourselves and create a Humane Society.

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