Activitists to Rally to Save Dunes

FLORENCE, Ore. — Activists who are trying to salvage and preserve the dunes in Florence will hold a rally at Riley Ranch this weekend in North Bend.

Organizers hope to send a message to the U.S. Forest Service.

Jody Philips, the president of Save the Riders Dunes, says the dunes are quickly dwindling because the forest service temporarily closed parts of the dunes and they aren’t being managed properly. He says grass growth has taken over much of the sand.

“We just need to manage it better, and we’re asking the forest service to start managing open sand, rather than closing off areas to anybody who can help destroy that grass,” Phillips said.

The rally is expected to bring in around 500 people. The group hopes it raises awareness about the importance of saving the dunes, what they say is a treasure to Oregon and beyond.


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  1. jeremy cook says:

    It would be nice to open up more riden area. They could have more parking areas. In the late spring and summer its impossible to get a parking spot after 9:00 in the morning. This grass they are trying to save is imported its not even native around here. They plant it to attract that snowey plover bird. i believe that bird isnt from around here either. Why not attract more people and get more buisness in these great small coastal buisnesses and towns. the birds and grass dont attract people.

    1. Andy says:

      Please attend if at all possible. The Oregon dunes are such a precious resource and due to mismanagement, the area is being closed down little by little. With the right people and plans in place, we can preserve the area for future generations to come. There are a lot of local businesses the thrive from the tourism the dunes create and if more of this land is closed down, business will follow that trend.

      The more people who are willing to stand up and voice their opinion, the better off we all are in preserving this resource. Please make your voice heard and make it to Riley on Saturday.

  2. A Line in the Sand says:

    The rally will be held on Saturday, 11/17, starting at noon. Please join us at Riley Ranch to have your voice heard!

  3. Sandfanatic says:

    The grass was planted years ago in order to keep the moving dunes from overtaking the Hi-way and homes along the coast, the snowy Plover actually likes open sand to nest certain times a year, matter a fact the goverment pays to blade off a large section of them to nest in, also paying a varmit hunter to keep them safe “tax dollars at work” The berm on the beach was created and planted with grass to minimize erosion and control flooding, this has created and entire change of the ecosystem. The fine dust blows off the beach creating fertile soil behind the berm allowing trees and grass to thrive. over the time the grass and trees have grown and spread and thickened. The Grass the forest service planted is an invasive species yet they have no way to control it. As more closures happen the grass continues to cover the dunes, the OHV vehicles actually help control the spread of this grass. In Oregon for years we have enjoyed open rolling sand dunes and thought little of it, but for allot of us its a special place, we grew up riding the dunes, we have seen relationships bloom, we have watch fireworks on the 4th, and built sand castles, I have witnessed weddings, funerals and everything in between. We are not asking for all of the dunes, we just want to keep open the ones we have and manage them better for everyone. OHV’ers need to have more control of the areas to police them and maintain them for everyones benefits working hand in hand with local agency’s to make this happen.

  4. Jeff Hausmann says:

    I will be there!

  5. Joni Mogstad says:

    Please join us at Riley Ranch!! It is sooooooo hard to turn the direction of a government bureaurecracy (not sure of the spelling but you know what I mean)
    The Forest Service writes plans that they turn into rules that then have the force of law and we are the only oversight!!

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