Actors Gear Up for Eugene Sitcom

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EUGENE, Ore. — Actors talking to themselves in a crowded hallway. What you expect to see in Hollywood is happening here.

Callbacks for Eugene Unedited, a new sitcom, are under way.

Actors check in. They read their lines and get feedback. Each is wanting to land a role in this new sitcom–the brain child of Kate Young–with Key Talent Management.

Thirteen half-hour episodes are in the works. The actors, directors, the camera crew, wardrobe–everyone is working for free, hoping the Eugene-based sitcom will get picked up by a major network or cable channel.

The show itself revolves around a television news set, which of course highlights Eugene news, sports, weather and people.

As Young puts it, it’s a little bit 30 Rock, The Office, Portlandia and Saturday Night Live.

“And we have an executive producer who’s a trust fund baby and on a whim she creates a misfit newscast,” Young said.

We caught up Young at her office to learn more about the sitcom. She represents talent and got tired of losing actors to big markets.

“Why can’t we do stuff here locally? We have the writers. We have the film makers. We have the talent,” Young said.

Dozens of actors have auditioned. One of them is Adam Thomas.

“You grab yourself 100 people and you are going to have 50 people in that group that you are going to go ‘wow, something is different about them.’ I think that gives us a huge opportunity to have fun with this, but also tell real stories of people in our community,” Thomas said.

Production gets under way in January, with the first segment airing in February on local public access TV. After that, there will be a new episode every two weeks.

Advertising is also working to generate cyber buzz.

All on board are confident Eugene Unedited, while starting small, could be something big.


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  1. Trashypix says:

    So after becoming frustrated at not being able to retain talent because of a lack of work she decides to create the work? I’m not sure if that is sweet or just sad. I say if you love them let them go… So that someday maybe just maybe they can collect a paycheck.

  2. Kathleen Hogan says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait to see this show. Great to see a vision created so quickly.

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