Adjusting to the Hour Change

clockEUGENE, Ore. — Tough time getting out of bed this morning? Feeling sluggish? You’re not alone.

Doctors say it can be tough to adjust to the Daylight Saving Time change.

Dr. Holly Jo Hodges at Trillium says pushing our clocks forward even one hour can leave you feeling a little groggy. She says there are some things you can do to ease the transition.

“Most important point, resist the urge to nap. That continues to keep your body off cycle, and then you’re not sleeping when you need to go sleep, and so you extend your day even longer,” Dr. Hodges said.

She says it’s important to wake up at the time you would normally to help with the adjustment, but it shouldn’t take but a few days before your body has readjusted.

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  1. Loren F says:

    There is really a simple way to make the adjustment easier. about a week or so before you set your clock ahead start setting your alarm for about 30 minutes earlier than you normally do.

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