Advice Radio Show To Hit Airwaves

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EUGENE, Ore.– When it comes to our health, some topics are hard to talk about. So Lane County Public Health and Human Services is hitting the radio airwaves on a show called “Health Matters”, where answers to your questions are just a call or click away.

The hosts are Jason Davis, Public Information Officer for Lane County Public Health and Human Services, and Dr. Patrick Luedtke, Lane County’s Senior Public Health Officer. Together they will deliver no nonsense advice, infused with some laughs to break up what can be serious topics. Some topics include sexually transmitted diseases, body image, drug use, healthy relationships, mental health and infectious diseases beyond STDs.

It’s a creative approach to tackle some of Lane County’s biggest health challenges and inform the community.

“There are a lot of competing sources or resources for information these days. Some of them are true, some of them are not true and some of them are partially true… we want to share facts and data that will help people be healthier,” said Dr. Patrick Luedtke.

The radio show is more than just a call-in advice show. It’s a community conversation.

“We want to hear from people, what they’re concerned about and give them some actual, practical medical advice in the process and benefit them,” said Jason Davis.

The show airs every Monday at 7pm on KWVA 88.1 FM. You can call or email your questions any day of the week. You are advised to be as specific as possible when asking questions, so you can get the best answers.

Health Matters Hotline: (541) 346-7966
Health Matters Email: healthmatters@gmail.com


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