Age-Old Tree to be Cut Down on UO Campus

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EUGENE, Ore. — A tree on the University of Oregon campus that’s more than 70 years-old is on the chopping block, because of construction at the Erb Memorial Union.

But a landscape architecture professor says he’s not giving up his efforts to stop the removal of the age-old tree.

Professor Whitey Lueck says landscapes and buildings aren’t separate, they work together.

And it would be taking away a piece of history from campus.

EMU director Laurie Woodward says the tree, a London planetree, was considered in the new EMU design.

But there wasn’t a way to work around it.

Woodward says they didn’t focus on this one tree, but all of the trees that might have to come down.

But professor Lueck says the design committee’s process wasn’t thorough enough.

“I really have no choice to but to make a small stink at that point rather than have to explain to my students next year, or five years or ten years from now why I didn’t stand up for that tree,” said professor Lueck.

“The whole staff has been, is sad to see them go. It’s not a decision that anybody made lightly,” said Woodward.

Close to 40 trees will be cut down as a result of the EMU renovation.

Woodward says the tree will be cut down in the coming days.

But professor Lueck says he’s already written a letter to UO President Michael Gottfredson to halt that process.

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