Agencies to Apply for FEMA Funding

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LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Several Lane County public agencies plan to apply for federal funding after February’s snow storm left parts of the area without power for days.

This comes after President Barack Obama announced this month agencies could apply for FEMA funding.

All of the agencies we spoke with say while they knew the snow was coming — the ice is what took a toll on Lane County.

Both EWEB and EPUD say they had crews working around the clock on downed trees and power lines.

EWEB says it will apply for $1.8 million in federal funding, some customers went as long as six days without power.

EPUD says it had some crews working 42 hours straight and at one point half of its customers, roughly 25,000 people were without power.

EPUD will request $1.5 million.

“We have to balance the budget each year and you do that either by you cut back somewhere else or you do that by raising rates. To the extent we can get more FEMA money in we can avoid those possibilities,” said EPUD General Manager, Scot Coe.

City of Eugene Public Works says it will ask for about half – million dollars for the costs related to its clean up.

Workers at Lane County Parks say they were impacted as well.

They had to hire contractors to help with clean-up at parks which is an extra cost.

They’ll request about $60,000.

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