Airport Busy with Spring Break Travelers

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EUGENE, Ore. — Spring break has officially begun for the University of Oregon and for school districts in the Eugene/Springfield area.

That meant the airport was pretty busy Friday with people traveling everywhere you can think of. Even though they had different destinations, they all felt the same way: excited and relieved to have a week off.

People at the airport say they’re used to it this time of year.

“Schools got out. Wednesday was the last day, so Thursday was the big rush. And so that was really our peak day for this spring break period,” said Cathryn Stephens, Eugene Airport spokesperson.

Stephens says on average day they see about 1,200 passengers, but Thursday it was up to 1,600. Some of those getting on a plane Friday? The University of Oregon Softball Team.

“We are headed to Utah today to play out first PAC series. We play them Saturday, Sunday, Monday. And then we are staying an extra day just to play two other teams,” said UO Softball First Baseman Stevie Knapp.

Knapp says it’s tough balancing school and a Division 1 sport, but spring break gives the team the chance to just focus on the game. While some left Friday for spring break, others were already on the road.

“I’m headed to LA. I’m going to Arizona. And we’ve been on the road for two hours today, nine hours yesterday. We’re at five more hours, seven? A ways to go,” said UO students Anna Epstein and Danielle Sabo.

It’s a long road, or flight for many travelers, but it’s a week worthwhile of fun and relaxation.

The Eugene Airport said even though they added two new airlines last year, it hasn’t made a huge impact, because Frontier Airlines is seasonal and some airlines have made some adjustments to their flights.

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