Airport Terminal to Receive Facelift

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Airport terminal is getting a facelift, which will mean some changes for passengers flying out of the airport.

Airport officials say although it’s been adding airlines recently, this multi-million dollar project has been planned for years and passengers say they’re excited to see the changes.

For passengers who regularly fly through the airport, the current system of waiting in line after line after check-in isn’t ideal.

“Then wait in that line for your baggage before you go into the security line so if you didn’t have to do that that would save a lot of time,” said airport passenger Cindy Kevorken.

But change is coming to the airport.

“We’re really excited about this project because for one thing it’s going to allow us to recapture our lobby. We’ve had these TSA screening machines in our lobby for almost seven years now,” said Cathryn Stephens, Eugene Airport Spokeswoman.

A temporary wall is up in between the security machines and lobby in preparations for major shifts in the lobby in the coming days. And with these changes, the airport is recommending passengers plan ahead during the construction phase.

“You really need to arrive two hours ahead of time, and it’s for a couple of reasons, not just for construction but also because of the increased passenger loads that we’ve been having,” Stephens said.

But even though the airport is recommending passengers that early before their flight, one passenger says there’s no one there to check him in at the Alaska Airlines booth for his 1:30 p.m. flight.

“We got here a quarter after 11 a.m., and we can’t even check in until noon,” said passenger Gary Mollica.

The airport is able to move the screening machines behind the counter, just like one Alaska Airlines counter, because airline offices are temporarily outside in trailers during construction.

And passengers say they’re excited to see the new and improved lobby later this fall.

The renovation project is projected to cost around $5 million. The airport says a little more than $3 million is coming from a TSA grant, and the rest of the money is coming from passenger facility charges and airport funds.

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