Airport Travel Expected to Increase

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EUGENE, Ore. — Across the country, record travel is expected during the next two months, and travelers at the Eugene Airport say they’ve noticed the airport is a little busier.

The airport is not sure how many people will fly through Eugene during the next month, but a new national report shows airports across the country will have record numbers of travelers during the next two months.

Eugene Airport is no exception.

“I’m trying to get through the airport now that it’s a bit busier. A couple years ago you could breeze right through,” said traveler James Purcell.

Flights in and out of the airport were filled with a variety of passengers traveling for business or leisure, and those traveling to Eugene say other airports also seemed busier than normal.

“The Austin Airport was because UT is there, and I am just figuring that there’s a lot of kids going for spring break and stuff like that, but San Francisco was just normal,” said traveler Nola Barrett-Martin.

During the months of March and April, it’s expected more than 129 million people will travel by plane to domestic and international destinations. That’s an increase of 1.3 three million travelers during this two-month period nationwide.

But the Eugene Airport says it won’t know just how busy it’ll be during these months until after the spring rush.

And here’s another wrinkle for spring travelers. United Airlines says it will enforce carry-on luggage size restrictions for those catching a united flight during this busy time, but passengers we spoke with flying United on Wednesday say they always pack within the allowed carry-on size and haven’t noticed any extra enforcement with carry-on bags.

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