Airsoft Gun Shop Opens

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A new Springfield business is filling an interesting niche, offering Airsoft guns to the Eugene-Springfield area.

Three friends decided to open the business and say it’s a sport that’s grown for several years. They say many people get these guns in order to safely learn how to operate a real a gun.

The Airsoft guns cost a lot less to operate because you aren’t purchasing ammo.

“It is still considered a gun, so it’s not one you want to go out and brandish in public at all,” said Brandon Lockwood, Owner of Tactical Assault Airsoft Supply. “Keep it in a gun bag and keep it in a safe and unloaded. I mean, treat it as a real firearm.”

People who bring in three cans of nonperishable food will receive a 2-percent discount. The cans will be donated to Food for Lane County.

The business is located at 3831 Main Street #204. It’s holding a grand opening on Saturday, April 6.


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  1. Postone says:

    Thank you KEZI for including the address for this new business….

  2. drolma says:

    Jeez, just what we need. More guns–no matter what kind.

    1. ahshucks says:

      We need a lot more guns to protect us from bad people. More guns = safer city.

  3. Brandon Lockwood says:

    These are not gun’s. They are toy’s just like paintball its a hobby and a sport. They are used for fun and in training. Remember guns don’t kill people, People do

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