Albany Hotel is on Oregon’s Most Endangered Places List

ALBANY, Ore. — A century after it was built, an Albany hotel makes an exclusive list recognizing its historic value.

Since the early 1900s eight of Albany’s downtown historic hotel buildings have been torn or burned down.

St. Francis is the only one left still standing, and has been named one of Oregon’s most endangered places.

St. Francis hotel was built in 1912 and served as a center of social activity for travelers and locals.

Back then, travelers were charged 50 cents a night for each of its sixty rooms, and the restaurant was said to be a Sunday ritual for locals.

The upstairs floors haven’t been used for about 50 years and would need to be restored before being turned into a boutique hotel or condominiums.

Albany Downtown Association members say getting the hotel back in business would benefit downtown by attracting more visitors.

“In the very near future we hope that there will be need for a boutique hotel, and we’d like to see this building restored and returned to its former glory.  It was at one time a very grand hotel,” said Albany Downtown Association Executive Director Oscar Hult.

The current owners operate a printing shop on the first floor and say they are willing to sell the hotel.

Anyone interested in buying the hotel or if you’d just like some more information, head to these web sites:



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