Algae Alert Affects Businesses

EUGENE, Ore. — The blue-green algae advisory signs are still hanging around Dexter Lake, and a local business owner says the algae is affecting his business.

He says his shop has been struggling because people don’t come to town to enjoy the lake.

Ralph Perkins, a fisher and boater, says the algae is a problem the lake sees every year and people usually stay away.

“With the algae in the lake, it’s not safe for their health. They’re just going to stay away. They’re not going to fish. They’re not going to water ski. They’re not going to want to go swimming, and so it’s kind of a bad thing for the community,” said Jasper resident Ralph Perkins.

Perkins says he still fishes in the lake, but he doesn’t keep the fish he catches and doesn’t recommend others doing so.

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