Alleged Cat Abuser Keeps Cats

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Springfield woman who allegedly threw two cats into the Willamette River more than a week ago is out of jail and back with the nearly 60 cats in her home.

Betty Gould was met with protesters at her salon Saturday.

They want her cats taken from her before she goes to trial at the end of January. But investigators say the conditions the cats are in didn’t seem life threatening.

“We’re doing our part here. We work for the community. We’ll continue to be following this case and doing what we need to do so they can be assured of that. We’ll be working hard on this all the way through,” said Sgt. John Umenhofer, Springfield Police Department.

There’s now a Facebook page called Concerned Citizens Against Betty Gould.


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  1. Jeanine C. Stewart says:

    I’m In with whatever can be done to stop this horrible woman from even being around cats. Please let me know. I think she needs to lose the 60 cats and be banned forever from breeding or associating with cats. This woman is an example of the way some people view animals, they are despensible..Whoever allows this to happen needs to be informed of this animal cruelty. I guess animal rights groups have to go to court to get them as they are considered property. Thanks for your information. I want to be in the loop of whatever happens to this woman, including putting her in a bag and throwing her in the River. Jeanine Stewart, Springfield, OR

  2. jason marks says:

    facebook doesn’t do anything. its passive at best.

  3. ut says:

    The cats just being in proximity to this monster is life threatening!! What is to stop her from killing them behind closed doors after the police leave and then dumping their bodies out in the woods somewhere???? If she has tried to kill the two (or more as is suspected) then she is likely to try to kill all the rest. Get your heads screwed on straight investigators!!!!!

  4. Deborah says:

    I am gobsmacked that the powers that be are sitting on their posteriors doing nothing here. Granted this person isn’t going to let anything happen to those she’s got left…what 60 cats? Oh no…she’s seen the error of her ways. You think this is the first time she’s been heartless enough, evil? Think again. Get those poor cats out of her domicile. I’m sure there’s so much room in her cattery and the cats are fat and happy. Then go ahead and smack her wrist, deny her a cat for two or three years and forget about it. It will happen again. This is just so sad.

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