“Always Strong” – Blake Nichols’ Story

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  1. pete weitzner says:

    Inspiring story–puts life in perspective. Well told by Stephen Nelson.

  2. Linda McKenzie says:

    I was lucky enough to be at both games Blake played in. His courage is astounding and everyone in the stands recognized that. Good luck, Blake.

  3. frank says:

    To any philanthropist,

    If you ever wanted to make a difference in someones financial situation, this family could not be more deserving, nor less wanting. They ask for nothing, because they have everything. This family helped raise my children during very difficult times. Their childcare assistance, their Mom and Dad attitude, Their loving touch has changed so many lives, including mine. If you’ve been blessed, then pay it forward. Hope I didn’t embarrass you Dede, love you Johnny, Jonathon and Blake. Uncle Frank,…. not really. ps, really good story Stephen Nelson

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