American Airlines Coming to Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — American Airlines will join the five other airlines offering flights from the Eugene Airport in June. Airport managers said the new flights will mean approximately 11,000 people departing from the airport each week.

Since the airport is adding these flights, passengers won’t be seeing any empty ticket counters at the Eugene Airport. “It is the most airlines we’ve ever had, we have six airlines serving the market now which is great for an airport in a community this size,” said Tim Doll, Eugene Airport Director.

To gear up for the newest airline, the airport will expand. Doll said the airport will build a new ticket lobby and expand the baggage claim and security areas. All of the airport upgrades will be paid for by an FAA grant and user fees. “The three projects are about a 15 million dollar total over the next 2 or 3 years, said Doll.

The Chamber of Commerce said any move to bring people into the community helps the local economy, and new flights help those whose commute involves planes instead of cars. “It’s a huge win for the local business community,” said Ben Sappington, from the Chamber of Commerce. “Being able to get on a flight in the morning, head down for meetings, then still get home on the same day is great, said Sappington.

Not only will the flights serve as a way for people to get to Los Angeles, but LAX is also a major connecting hub for American Airlines. “It will give us more Eastbound connections, it’ll give us more Hawaii connections, more Mexico, South America connections” said Doll.

Even with the latest announcement, Doll said the airport is in talks with other airlines interested in the Eugene market.

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