AmeriCorps NCCC Group Helps Feed Hungry in Corvallis

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Starting this week a group, with members from across the country, AmeriCorps is in Corvallis working to help feed the hungry.

The AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps members have been hard at work, clearing out weeds at the Sage Garden, making room for more plants to be given to Corvallis families in need.

Thursday, they pulled weeds, burning the invasive ones and composting the rest.

They’re clearing an area to plant beef tomatoes.  Those, and all of the garden’s plants, are donated to local food banks and soup kitchens, providing fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to those who need them most.

The Corvallis Environmental Center applied to have AmeriCorps help it gain food access around town.

The nine members traveled from all over the country to lend a hand.

“We all kind of have a similar goal, and that is to give back.  But I think it’s a bit more than that.  A lot of us have served in our own communities before, and AmeriCorps NCCC is a way for us to branch out from our own communities and extend that service to other places as well,” said Scottie Grimes with AmeriCorps NCCC.

The AmeriCorps NCCC members work eight hours a day, five days a week.

Throughout their stay they’ll help around other gardens, as well as at the soup kitchen and food bank.

They’ll be helping around Corvallis for another six weeks.

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