Amtrak Bomb Scare

EUGENE, Ore. — An Amtrak train heading north through Eugene was evacuated Sunday afternoon after police got a call of a possible bomb on board.

Eugene police say a female passenger told them she overheard a man talking about a bomb.

Police stopped the train and made everyone get off while a bomb squad searched for possible explosives. Passengers had to wait for several hours while police cleared the train.

“We’re here to pick up my grandma. Like I said, we’ve been here since noon. We’ve had to wait a while,” said Guadalupe Zuniga around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, a Eugene resident.

Eugene police detained and questioned one person but later released that person.

Passengers were allowed back on the train at 4:00 p.m.

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  1. Sue Sierralupe says:

    Your reporter did a much job of reporting this story than the Register-Guard. They reported that the Amtrack passengers were given coffee, juice and rice. (Rice? That seems random.) I am not sure where they got the quote that said that Amtreack gave people treats. The reality is that the passengers were abandoned in the parking lot, in the cold for ver 4 hours. My son was one of the passengers. He politicked to get them to pass out water and blankets at the 4 1/2 hour mark. He had to argue to get it. The crowd included a pregnant woman and elderly passengers. They had nowhere to sit. No shelter from the cold and no information. Also: the cops left the people who were closest to the supposed bomb on the train for hours. If there was an actual bomb, they would have been in danger. Every one dropped the ball. The cops did not allow people to evacuate their cars and well after the suspect was in custody, they walked around the train with guns drawn. Was the plan to shoot the bomb or just scare the passengers. Our policy in dealing with this kind of situation needs to be rethought. One thoughtless people calls in a bomb threat without doing her homework and everything falls apart.

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