An Inside Look At The Buckhead Complex

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OAKRIDGE, Ore — The Buckhead Complex grows to 55 acres as firefighters battle rough terrain. The complex is made up of several fires. Throughout the fire you’ll see pockets of burning fuel.

“What this fire lacks in acreage it makes up in sheer nastiness,” said Oregon Department Of Forestry Spokesman Randy Alvarez.

The nastiness of the Buckhead Fire Complex spans 55 acres consisting of two big fires and more than a dozen smaller ones. All of the fires were sparked by last weekends lightning strikes.

A fire contract crew out of Springfield was one of the many who answered the call to help “They are going to be working on a slop over that rolled down because of debris. We have a lot of debris coming down,” explained Alvarez.

The trek in is just the beginning and everyone in the fire zone must carry a fire shelter. “It’s a portable shelter that you can crawl into. We never want too use it,” said Alvarez.

Firefighters are slowly holding the containment line and trying to push into the interior of the fire. “Get all the hot spots put out, hopefully we can do that before the weather turns on us,” said Alvarez.

Some firefighters are beginning to show some physical strain. “Right now we are starting to see a little bit of feet problems, just because the terrain is so difficult,” said Forest Fire Line Medic Aaron Dillenbeck.

Safety is always the first priority. “Everyone goes home at the end of the night,” said Alvarez.

In the next couple of days the forest service is planning a burnout to control the fire to remove unburned fuel between the road and the fire

Forest Service Road 1910 has been closed because of heavy fire traffic. Road 1912 is an alternative for the public to use to reach the upper portion of the Alpine trail system.

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