Anchor Mom: Renee McCullough

Anchor Moms ReneeI’ve been a proud member of the “anchor mom” club since 2002, when my oldest son Nicholas was born. Two years later, Ryan joined our little family. I was seven months pregnant when we moved to Eugene in 2004. A new house, a new job in a new town, and we haven’t stopped since!

Anyone who has kids knows how crazy life can get. At our house, with two boys who love sports, that means juggling practices and games just about every night of the week. Add in school events, holidays, birthday parties, church activities, and our days are often nonstop from morning until bedtime. And, then we wake up and do it all over again!

So, how do you juggle all that craziness, plus make it on the air each night at 5, ready to deliver the news, with earrings to match your jacket? I’m not saying I’ve got it down by any means, but we survive because of my husband (I struck gold in the husband department!) and friends who really have become more like family over the years. I think it’s crucial to find other families who parent like you and who treat your kids like their own because it really is impossible to do it alone. There are too many times that practices will overlap, or there’s a birthday party right in the middle of a game, or maybe–just maybe–you want to go on a date with your husband!

I’m also a planner. I always have a list. Sometimes two or three, depending on the time of year. When I was pregnant with Nicholas, Scott asked me “you know what I hope the baby gets from you?” You can imagine my answers. “My good looks, my sense of humor, my witty personality?” None of the above. “Your organizational skills” was his answer. I could write a book about that being the most important quality he wanted our kids to get from me, but we’ll save that for another blog.

Let me say, though, he was definitely onto something on the organization front. Those organizational skills have certainly paid off over the years. I feel like if I look ahead to the week on Sundays, it makes a huge difference. So, I get lunches as ready for the week as much as I can and make a “to-do” sheet for each day. The boys like to be able to look ahead to the day, and they know what they have to get done when they get home from school before their dad gets home. I also set the table each night before bed for breakfast and have the boys get their clothes ready so it’s not a madhouse in the mornings. Well, less of a madhouse. Getting all of those little things done doesn’t always cut out the chaos, but it definitely makes life a little easier to tackle.

My hope for the Anchor Mom website is that we can all share our tips and tricks to help each other make life easier and more enjoyable so we truly can enjoy the time we have with our children.

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