Anchor Mom: Sean Cuellar

“We’re on the air in 3,2,1…” Thatʼs how we start off our KEZI 9 News broadcasts, so it seems only fitting that I start off my Anchor Mom Introduction Blog with the traditional TV countdown.

3.  Hereʼs what most people know about me:

Iʼm an Anchor Mom who loves her job. You can catch me five days a week on KEZI 9 News Midday and KEZI 9 News This Morning. Sure, you may watch me reading the news, but there’s much more to see behind the scenes.  I produce and edit and report. I like to call myself a professional story teller.  My philosophy is: Everyone has a story.  Everyone has something special to share. Itʼs my job to figure out what makes you tick.  How do you make this world a better place?   Iʼd love to know.

Searching for the great Pumpkin at Lone Pine.

Searching for the Great Pumpkin

2. Hereʼs what you may not know about me:

I am a mother of a super 4-year-old  son, Douglas.  I love motherhood, and I’m honored to belong to this exclusive club.  This year I officially became a “Soccer Mom.”

I adore my husband, Greg, who happens to be an award winning children’s author and a former professional circus clown. Needless to say, we are all about having fun.

Lazy on the Lawn

Lazy on the Lawn

I am a dog lover. LuLu is our Boston Terrier. She can do tricks, including jumping through hoops, but watch out, because she also loves to steal socks.

Together — we make a pack.  Thatʼs how we roll in our family.  Our motto is, “We’re a pack and we stick together like that. Yeah!”

1.  Hereʼs some wacky information you’d have never guessed in a million years…

*  I got a flat tire in front of Shaquille O’Neal.  He laughed at me, then felt bad, so he gave me his autographed rookie trading card..and not knowing who he was, I gave it away!

*  I played a cheerleader in the original Buffy the Vampire movie.

*  My mother is a Food Network “Chopped Champion.”  Did you see the Grandmother Edition?  That was my mom who won!

*  My ultimate dream vacation is taking a month to walk El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Trail from France to Spain with my Pack.


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