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We think Hailey has started teething. If you look at that picture you will see she is covered in drool–LOL! She is chewing on everything she can get her hands on, including our remote controls. I know there are a number of things I can do to help make her feel better, but I still need advice.

So what do I do? I, of course, turn to the Internet and Facebook.

It is amazing how many people are willing to offer me advice.  I immediately go online and start loading up my Amazon cart with all of the recommended products.
But then the warnings come. Some of the suggestions may not be what the doctor ordered. I then remember my doctor telling me when I got pregnant to stay away from the Internet. She told me looking on the Internet would only scare me and give me a headache.

I think being a social media mom these days is hard because we want advice, but there is just so much of it out there.

The blogs are the worst because I will get worried about something Hailey is doing, and immediately there will be people sounding off about the problem, and then I want to run to the emergency room. I think before the Internet, moms were a little more sane. Brian tells me I worry too much, but I guess that’s my job. I have tried not looking up so much information, but it is hard.

Social media does have its perks though. I have found some great mommy groups and already have some great play dates lined up.

I guess it’s just about finding a balance and knowing when to just listen to yourself and not the World Wide Web.

On a separate note, I just had to post this photo from this past weekend at the Crawdad Festival at Henry Estate Winery. We caught ourselves a little crawdad.

Brian had an amazing Father’s Day weekend, and our little Hailey bug even made him a great art project :)

And here is why I can’t do without social media. I can post and share this picture of my little crawdad with you.

Hailey Web 2


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  1. Beverly Seay says:

    She`s the sweetest there is, just give her some teething biscuits them lil teeth will come in when you least expect it. She`ll wake in the am with 2 pretty lil pearl`s. love to the 3 of you Bev.

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